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We recommend that you "dive in" and explore the site. Enjoy! Incase you need it here is a brief explanation of some of the features. These have been tested on a PC running Microsoft Windows Vista and seem to work ok in  MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox  and  Google Chrome.
Drop Down Menu
At the top of the page is a multilevel dropdown menu created using scripts from SmartMenus
Subcategories* show on mouse over. 
Left click on the Category or subcategory to open the page
All links in the drop down menu are to pages on this site except Forum which opens a new window
takes you back to the last internal page you vitited
The Drop Down  can be accessed from all pages on this site
* Some subcategories with a are not clickable. In this case the cursor will show as instead of
Links are shown in a dark dodger blue*. There are four types which behave differently. Most of them are used on this page. Move over these dummy links to see what happens.
Link type  Onclick
Internal Page Go to top of intenal page 
Book mark on same page Scroll to bookmark
Book Mark on other page Jump to bookmark on internal page
External Page Got page on another site
All links that have been visited in the current session are shown in purple. This includes the subcategories of the dropdown menu
There are two buttons that may be seen on some pages
Takes you back to the last (internal) page you visited. Useful alternative to browser back button when taken to some bookmarks. 
Scrolls back to the top of the page. You may need to scroll up to see the drop down menu
Most browsers should also show a floating [Top] button in the bottom right corner of the screen. Click on this to jump to the top of the page with the dropdown menu in view.
Where am I? bar
The grey bar below the drop down menu shows the hierarchy of the page you are on.
These are clickable links.