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Wingham Village
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Wingham, Kent, England

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The Kentish village of Wingham lies on the A257 midway between Sandwich to the east and Canterbury to the west. 
First recorded in the Anglo-Saxon_Chronicles of 834AD as Uuigincggaham and in the The Domesday Book of 1086 it is has a rich history and still retains a strong sense of community community to this day.
Located on the edge of the North_Downs, the village is surrounded by countryside with plenty of footpaths which provide good walking.
The architecture ranges from the picturesque buildings (many of them Listed) that line the main road to modern social housing
The People are generally cheerful and welcoming and are mix of those locally born and bred and more recent arrivals. They are served by local shops, a village church, a GP surgery, a Dentistparish council a bus service, a variety of sport and social clubs, a web site and three public houses.
Local business is varied. Manufacturing and agricultural activities, local craftsmen and more modern service industries have their home here.
For any one wishing visit, the local wildlife park provides a great day out for all the family. We recommend you also stay for an evening meal. For anyone wishing to stay for a longer period, there are plenty of choices of Accommodation.
Wingham remains a rural community and hopefully will remain so for the foreseeable future.
The logo for these pages is an adaptation of the coat of arms granted to Henry de Wingham in the mid 13th century. To see the full coat of arms go to .