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A257 (Wingham Hill, Ash Road)

Location: googlemaps/djwbv
Street View:  (gsv/fnssa)  to travel out
(gsv/vm4x6) to travel in
Distance : 0.5 miles
Destination: Ash, Sandwich, Worth and Deal  and crosses the A256 for Thanet, Eastry and Dover
Junctions : Rusham Road
Buildings :
Businesses :
Places of interest : Wingham Wildlife Park
Leaving Wingham 
Known locally as Wingham Hill or Ash Road, the A257 heads out of the parish towards Ash and Sandwich.
At the top of Goberry Hill, (gsv/fnssa) is the junction with Rusham Road
Part way down the hill (gsv/prxa5) on the right (south) side is a concrete loading area and the start of a footpath to Dam Bridge.
A little further on (gsv/fxyfa) to the left (north) is entrance to the parking area of Wingham Wildlife Park on the north side. Please be aware that the road is often busy and care should be taken of vehicles stopping to enter the park and of those leaving.
Also look out for pedestrians crossing the road as there are bus stops next to and opposite the entrance.
Soon after the road starts to rise again (gsv/ab6gd) a short path leads to Rusham Road and forms part of the parish boundary