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Wingham Well Lane

Location:   googlemaps/tmrf7 
Street View:  From Adisham Road 
Destination: Bramling 
Junctions: Adisham Road , Dene Farm Lane , Mill RoadWatercress Lane , Snakes Hill , Canterbury Road (outside the parish)
Businesses: Priority Pets
Places of Interest: 
Images: g/928479 , g/630226 , g/311637 , g/321426 , g/2029982 , g/1971524 , g/311946 


Enter Wingham Well Lane here  (gsv/q2ysy) if you are heading along Adisham Road towards Wingham. If you are coming from Wingham take the turning at Snakes Hill. All the roads in this area should be used with caution.
Diving into a canopy of trees the road soon meets a cross roads (gsv/fwpem) with Dene Farm Lane. As the trees clear (gsv/wr7wj) Nevey Downs Cottage is on the right. The road turns left with (gsv/sft5j) with the junction with Snakes Hill on the right and views across Nevey Down can be seen on both sides, (gsv/4q6v4)  
As the road rises again (gsv/tje8m) there is a footpath to Bossington on the left. Trees line the road again before the junction (gsv/rx7gz) with Watercress Lane
The road rises again past Rats Castle (gsv/8h8yw) (left). A slight hill takes the road down to the junction (gsv/zabn7) with  Mill Road. There is a footpath to Frith Wood on the right. Going up hill (gsv/77e72) the road leaves the parish (gsv/yw29d) before joining Canterbury Road at Bramling