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Wenderton Lane

Location:  googlemaps/v7u9p 
Street View: From Preston Hill 
Destination: Preston
Junctions: Hearts Delight Lane , Preston Hill
Businesses: Bay Tree Cottage Bed and Breakfast
Places of Interest: 


Wenderton Lane dips  (gsp/8mzvw) off Preston Hill, with houses to the right and a hedge to the left (gsv/nuhzc
A bend to the left (gsv/phssx) is soon followed by another to the right. (gsv/x6euw)  after which views of the surrounding countryside can be seen on the left (gsv/mna64)
A sharpish left (gsv/3fvr7) and then right bend (gsv/3fvr7) bring Wenderton (gsv/3fvr7) into view. 
After the farm cottages (gsv/bydr3) a hedge obscures the view (gsv/ythhv) but it soon reappears (gsv/pvggq
Although the give way sign suggest otherwise, Wenderton Lane continues to the lft at the junction (gsv/5ffwj) with Hearts Delight Lane and passes between hedges and orchards.
A left bend leads to a comparitively straight section before a right (gsv/bxp9r) takes the road to the start of the footpath (gsv/7eqju) through Wenderton Hoath. After forming the parish boundry for a little way the road enters the parish of Preston