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Watercress Lane

Location:  googlemaps/ruan7 
Street View: From Mill Road  
 From Wingham Well Lane
Destination:  Wingham Well - Wingham Green
Junctions: Mill Road , Wingham Well Lane
Footpaths: To Wingham Bridge
Buildings: Watercress Cottages 
Businesses: Stripy Lawns 
Places of Interest: 
Images: g/630235 , g/630238 , g/630240


From its junction (gsv/484da) with Mill Road, Watercress Lane leads down hill with trees to the right and open country with views on the left (gsv/8d49k) . This section is straight but this very narrow road has many sharp bends. The first sharp right os just after the footpath (gsv/tnnvy) to Wingham Bridge. Just after there is a chance to compare two strikingly different walls. (gsv/37df7) and (gsv/e4s36).  
Another bend follows after Tudor House (gsv/jppm3)  . At the next bend to the left (gsv/u9dd4). Google Maps Street View does not allow further progress from this direction
At the junction (gsv/a9cc8) with Wingham Well Lane the nature of the road is clearer and Google Maps Street View makes no further progress.