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Rusham Road

Location:   googlemaps/2ehzd 
Street View:  From top of Gobery Hill 
Junctions: Gobery Hill/A257
Businesses: Wingham Wildlife Park
Places of Interest:  Wingham Wildlife Park


Branching left (gsv/taqj9) at the top of Gobery Hill/A257 the narrow road dips down between hedged banks to the entrance (to the left) and (gsv/mzzh2) car park (to the right) of Wingham Wildlife Park*
Soon after passing the Wildlife Park the road leaves the parish (gsv/rna4w) as it passes the footpath to the A257 on the right.
PLEASE NOTE: Access to the he car park for the Wildlie Park is via the main entrance on the A257 (gsv/fxyfa).