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Highways, Byways and Footpaths of Wingham Village

These pages show the main Rights of way in the parish of Wingham. There are others but if you want to use them please consult a suitable OS map or check with the land owner.

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Bridle Way
Other Path or Track with Public Access
Water Course
Roads, Footpaths etc are faded out where they leave the parish
Map based on  Ordnance Survey Explorer 150

The main road through Wingham is the A257 which runs east-west between Sandwich  and Canterbury. Its course turns north south as it passes through the village where it undergoes a number of name changes, including Goberry Hill, High Street and Canterbury Road.
It is joined by the B2046 from which leads south via Adisham to the A2 for Dover and London and to the A260 for Folkestone the Channel Tunnel
A road to the Isle of Thanet leads north via Preston.
All three roads under go name changes within the parish.