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Preston Hill

Location:   googlemaps/ph483 
Street View:  From Wingham 
Destination:  Preston
Junctions: Gobery Hill/High Street, Hearts Delight Lane, Nash Road, Wenderton Lane
Businesses: Canterbury Convertibles , Grove Lodge Consulting
Places of Interest: 


From the junction with Gobery Hill/High Street the hill climbs steeply between pleasant residences until it reaches Elgar's Field (gsvs/j2sp2) on the left. From here there are views back down into the village and accros the surrounding countryside to the villages of Ickham and Wbre
A little further on (also to the left) is the junction  junction with Wenderton Lane.
The road continues to rise slightly to Ashen Tree Cottages (to the right) (gsv/puzer
From here it levels out, passing between hedgerows to Four Turnings and the junctions with Hearts Delight Lane and Nash Road where it becomes Preston Road*
*Preston Road may officially start after Ashen Tree Cottages.