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Perry Road (Perry Lane)

Location:   googlemaps/bajma 
Street View:  From Nash Road
 From Walmestone Road
Destination:  Perry, Walmestone, Nash
Junctions: Nash Road , Walmestone Road
Businesses: Action Wall Ties , 
Places of Interest:  Perry Farm


The junction (gsv/tbykh) with Nash Road is about 20 yards from Four Turnings
Flanked by a hedge to the right and orchards to the left the narrow road reaches a sharp bend to the right. (gsv/273s3) 
The footpath on the left (gsv/8c7bg) leads to Preston Road and mark the boundary between Wingham and Preston 
From here the right side of the  road takes on the role of parish boundary, so that it lies just out side Wingham  (gsv/wgmt7) 
Lined by hedges on both sides the road meets the junction (gsv/hg47p) with Walmestone Road