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High Street

Location:  googlemaps/e3mnx
Street View: Going North
Destination: Canterbury , Sandwich Adisham , Dover
Junctions: Adisham Road , Canterbury Road , Gobery Hill , North Court Road, Preston Hill , Staple Road , South Court Drive , St Mary's Meadow  
Businesses: Bryan's School of Motoring , Central Stores , Cote Carpentry , Danny Swan Consulting , David Orchard , D. Francis , Elgar's , E T Wilmshurst & Sons , Extreme Associates Ltd , Heaven Scent Skincare Centre ,  ,  Janie's Hair Design ,  Langslow Property Services , Lloyds TSB Bank PLC , Marie-France Lyell , Oakfield house Retirement Home , Redfearn Plumbing and heating Services-Ltd , Seymour Place Private Hotel , Silvester Antiques Ltd , Tatton Group of Companies Ltd , The Anchor Inn ,  The Salma , Wingham Dental Practice , Wingham News Agents , Wingham Post Office 
Places of Interest: 
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As the B2046 Adisham Road passes the 30 mph signs (gsv/xe453) it becomes the  B2046 High Street.
The first point of interest is the gate to the cemetry (gsv/asgnn) on the left and the first house (no1) on the right.  
The steps up to the footpath (gsv/y3ekh) to are not so easy to see
The road narrows as it approaches the junction with Staple Road (gsv/6v8b7), but widens again by the time you reach the entrance to the Square (gsv/msu6d). 
A footpath from School Lane emerges on the left at the zebra crossing (gsv/mujav). Please take care as this crossing is used by children and parents with pushchairs.
Soon after (gsv/9tdhv) is the junction with South Court Drive on the right and the entrance to the  car park on the left (gsv/f7eck
 The junction with the A257 (gsv/amfhn) is something of a bottleneck, particularly between 8.30 and 9.30 am and 4.00 and 6.00 pm. Turn left to enter Canterbury Road. Go straight ahead (technically a left turn) to continue along the High Street (A257). Keep an eye out for traffic emerging from Harris's Alley.
 The verge by the wall on the left is maintained by members of the WWI. Lloyds bank is on the right
Trees line the street on the left opposite Elgar's Estate Agents (gsv/2jvnr)  and the Salmer Restaraunt (gsv/t62vt)
There is a  turning to the left into Sweet Love Place (gsv/9h72d) near The Anchor Inn which stands opposite the junction with St Mary's Meadow. (gsv/sq5tr
The Pelican Crossing (gsv/2t39j) allows pedestrians access to the shops on either side of the road. News agent (gsv/haz9c) and Central Stores
After the junction with North Court Road (gsv/sz56x) the road begins to narrow and passes by E T Wilmshurst & Sons.
Leaving the shops behind High Street ends at the junction with Preston Hill and becomes Gobery Hill