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Goodnestone Road

Location:  googlemaps/vnu59 
Street View: Going out (South)
Towards Wingham (Noth.West)
Destination: Goodnestone , Chillenden 
Junctions: Crockshard Lane , Popsal Lane , Staple Road  
Businesses: Autoworks , Brinkman Engineering , DJ Invicta Supplies Ltd , D M Bowles , Insight IFA , Intake Engineering Ltd , J H Motors , Mobile Systems Ltd , Robert's Coaches Workshops , SJL , UK Sports Cars , Wingham Timber & Mouldings Ltd , Woodman Welding 
Places of Interest:  Wingham Industrial Estate, Recreation Ground
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Towards Goodnestone
Starting at its junction (gsvco/y2qqf) with Staple RoadGoodnestone Road leads to Goodnestone
After passing Court Flats you see the entrance to the Recreation Ground on your right (gsv/pmbbm), followed by the entrance to the Rec car park (gsv/m85wd) and the club house (gsv/enk4r) .
The large building on the left is part of the Goodnestone Road Industrial Estate which has its entrance on the left (gsv/aa6nm) 
After passing the Industrial Estate and Recreation Ground you are soon in open country (gsv/dvysh) 
At the bottom of the dip (gsv/889uz) is the junction with Popsal Lane while on the right are footpaths to 
As you reach the top of the slope there is a small wooded area on the right. (gsv/zy68p)
At the end of this (gsv/c538c) is the junction with Crockshard Lane for which you take a right turn. Directly ahead is a track to (churc Wood). For Goodnestone Road turn to the left. (gsv/fszvc) 
The road continues through open country. And after a slight bend (gsv/r7q3a) it forms the  boundary between Wingham and Goodnestone parishes until it meets a junction (gsv/bzs3j). Stay on the road to enter Cave Lane for Chillenden or take the right turn to follow Goodnestone Road for Goodnestone.