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Gobery Hill

Location:  googlemaps/cy8ap 
Street View: Looking East. (out of Wingham)
Looking West (into Wingham)
Destination: Ash, Sandwich, Worth and Deal  and crosses the A256 for Thanet and Eastry
Junctions: A257High Street , Preston Hill , Rusham Road  
Footpaths: g/2181019
Places of Interest: 
Images: g/2181017 , g/2181012
This short stretch of the A257 begins after the last house of the High Street on the right and the junction with Preston Hill on the left. Please do not confuse it with Sandwich Hill which is the section of High Street preceding it.
Quite a steep climb for cyclists, it passes the entrance to Gobery Farm on the left (gsv/8kyhd)
Not so easy to see is the footpath to Broome Hill on the right (gsv/wuqyr)
At the top (gsv/ez4yz) is the junction with Rusham Road. From this point the road seems to have no official name other than the  A257