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Adisham Road (B2046)


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Street View:  into Wingham.
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Destination: Adisham, (and Aylesham) then onto the A2 for Dover and London and to the A260 for Folkestone the Channel Tunnel
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Buildings : Wingham Water Works
Businesses : Gibsons Farm Shop
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Towards Wingham
For a while the road forms the boundary between Adisham and Wingham parishes. It enters fully into Wingham as it passes Wingham Water Works (gsv/6muez). Fine views of the East Kent countryside can be seen on the western (left) side.
The first junction (gsv/ttj39) is with Crockshard Lane on the right (east). Please be aware that heavy goods vehicles may be turning here.
Soon a small wooded area appears on the left and caution is again recommended as three roads emerge.
The first (gsv/r5wxu)  is Wingham Well Lane. Please make sure you take this road if you are heading for Wingham Well or bypassing Wingham on route to Bramling, Littlebourne or Canterbury, as the next (though close) are difficult to turn into from this direction.
The first of these (gsv/vvwcy) is at Denne Farm Lane. and the next (gsvjjbqx)  at Snakes Hill.
After Snakes Hill open country can be seen on both sides until the 30 mph signs are reached (gsv/xkemr). The B2046 now becomes Wingham High Street