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Edwin Apps

Actor, Writer and Painter

The Early Years
Edwin Apps was born in Wingham on the 14th May 1931. Although not from an ecclesiastical background, he was sent to St Edmund's School in Canterbury. Originally set up to provide education for fatherless sons of the clergy, family connections enabled him to attend as a 'paying' student.
Edwin did no really fit in. His interests were in writing, acting and painting and he claims he 'wasted his time' there actively pursuing these interests. He was clearly a different character from his father who had served in the Royal Flying Corp.
The time, however was not wasted and on 26th September 1953 he made his first television appearance in Eye for an Eye an episode of the BBC series A Place of Execution. This was followed by a part in Night Must Fall (an adaptation of the 1937_film) for the ABC Weekend Television series Hour of Mystery.
In 1957 Edwin joined the cast of the comedy series Whack-O! starring Jimmy Edwards playing the part of Hr Haliforth. The series ran to 8 seasons ending in 1972, by which time the role of Haliforth had been taken over by Peter Greene
In the meantime Edwin continued to appear regularly on television in series such as Dial 999, Deadline Midnight, Citizen James, Out of This World, Comedy Play House, More Faces of Jim, A Choice of Coward, Mike, Danger ManThe Indian Tales of Rudyard Kipling, ITV Play of the Week and  Armchair Mystery Theatre as well as the made for television film The Handyman (1963) and cinema releases I Thank a Fool (1962), Ring of Spies (1964) and The Bargee (1964)

Ringing the Changes
It was during this period that his love of writing came tor the fore and he began to adapt plays for television. By 1966 his co star in Three Rousing Tinkles, and real life wife Pauline Devaney were writing together under the name of John Wraith. The result was the long running series all All Gas and Gaiters. which they also adapted for radio. The series ran for 5 years with a total of 32 episodes.
Throughout this time Edwin continued acting on tv taking parts in episodes of Harry WorthFour Tall Tinkles (lead with Pauline),  OrlandoThe Avengers, The Root of All Evil?ITV Sunday Night Theatre, Steptoe and Son, My Wife Next Door, Late Night Theatre and Special Branch.
1974 saw writing come to the fore again with broadcasts of The Bishop Rides Again and Sitting Pretty
A Move to Paint
Writing and acting shows talent enough but before his appearance in an episode of The Galton and Simpson Playhouse  was broadcast in 1977, Edwin had moved to the marshland of Marais Poitevin in the the west of France and took up painting.
Painting remains his driving force, but in 1988 he was seen again in the t.v. movie King of the Olympics: The Lives and Loves of Avery Brundage. Other roles since then include episodes in the t.v. series Katts and DogHighlander: The RavenJoséphine, ange gardien and the films Joan of Arc (1999), Vatel (2005) and 15 ans et demi (2008).

The theme of Bishops remains strong in his art work which is vibrant, often amusing and at times disturbing. It is for Edwin a form of communication which 'has the edge over the others'
He has however, recently completed a book Rabelais's Abbey which is available at £10.65 by mail order from:
Edwin Apps
La Diveterie
85420 Maillezais
or by e-mail

You can view samples of this remarkable man's painting on his web site
or watch him at work and listen to his commentary  

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