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Jidokwan Taekwondo in Wingham

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A Brief History
1946 Jidokwan was inaugurated in Yunmookwon Gymnasium in Seoul, South Korea.
1952 The headquarters of Jidokwan was placed in a Korean Gymnasium in Seoul, taking up secretariat operations of Jidokwan.

  The Korean Taekwondo Association was established, Jidokwan being one of the stronger of the five styles of Taekwondo to affiliate. The success and power of Jidokwan is such that two thirds of gold medal winners of KTA championships are members past and present of Jidokwan.

Master Lee Chong Woo, the world headmaster of Jidokwan, was given the task of writing the technical manual for the World Taekwondo Federation, and is the principle of the Kukiwon, and is second only to President Kim Un Yong of the WTF.

1973 Norwich, England master Kwon Yong Woo formed a Jidokwan School of Taekwondo. Many people from all over Great Britain were so impressed that they wanted to join. Later in 1974 the influence on the British Taekwondo Association was tremendous. Master Kwon was made its chief instructor until he left England to return to Korea in 1976.
1987   Master Lee appointed no one else to lead Jidokwan in Britain until 1987, when Master Ian Morrison (6th Dan) was chosen as headmaster for the United Kingdom.
The Wingham Taekwondo club is fortunate and honoured that Master Morrison is able to visit the group, and attend gradings. He also referees at local tournaments.
As nature loves and protects all creation and helps all things grow and develop, Jidokwan leads every devotee along the straight and narrow path and strive to teach mankind its truths with all sincerity.
 Northampton University

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