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Education in Wingham Village

Wingham has been a seat of learning since the founding of the The College of St Mary in 1286. This was set up by and for the church.

In 1686 Sir James Oxenden founded a school to teach twenty poor children reading and writing. This school survived for over 200 years becoming in the later stages of its life a National School National School , when the Education Act (1870) demanded that all children between the ages of 5 and 13 years should attend school.
Since then, most children were provided with Primary Education locally. Wingham now boasts a new Primary School opened by HRH Prince Edward on Friday 25th June 1993. A brief history of the school has been provided by former Head Mr. D. Evans.
Secondary Education is provided by the nearby town of Sandwich and the city of Canterbury while Further and Higher Education is available in Canterbury, Dover, Folkestone and on the Isle of Thanet.
Kent County Council approach to secondary education is still based on the Tripartite System, with the option to sit an Eleven Plus Exam (the Kent Test). Application can be made to attend either a Grammar School, Technology College (school) or a Comprehensive School
The introduction of (the appallingly inappropriately named) Academy Schools and Free Schools, the choices are set to be more complex.

Local Education Establishments

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Higher Education


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