Communities Named Wingham
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Wingham is probably known to more people as a place name than as a name of a person. As such it has spread from its Origins in Kent  as far a field as Australia and Canada. Places may include Buildings, Geographic Features, Roads, or even the location of a Company.
Again at a guess, for most people the name is associated with somewhere that people live and work together such as a town or village. These are collected under the theme of communities.

The most well known communities bearing the name Wingham are:

Wingham, Kent, England Wingham, NSW, Australia Wingham, Ontario, Canada
A village,Origin of the name A township on the Manning_River A town in Huron County
Pop: 1618 4182 (2006) 2923 (2006)

It is inevitable that smaller settlements, Buildings, Geographic Features, Roads, or Companies situated around these communities have inherited the name. 
The Wingham communities are categorised by country.
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