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Wingham, New South Wales, Australia
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Education in Wingham NSW

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Education in Wingham is the responsibility of the New South Wales Department of Education and Communities (NSWDEC) which aims to
"... improve the social and economic wellbeing of the people of NSW through a responsive and innovative education and training system."
The NSWDEC regulates early childhood education but attendance at school is not compulsory until a child reaches of 5 or 6 years of age.
Most children are educated at Primary and secondary  levels in Public Schools  which are funded and administered by the states government.  Adequate places are reserved to enable children to attend the school nearest to the permanent residence of their parent or carer. These would usually be open schools that take students of all abilities, but secondary students who pass the Selective High Schools Test  can attend  a selective_school. There is also the option to attend a private school
All students are expected to work towards  the Higher School Certificate (HSC)
Tertiary education Tertiary education is availble to all students attaining the HSC with the option to attend  university or a College of Technical and Further Education (TAFE)
Education in Australia is currently undergoing reform which includes the development of a National_Curriculum



Local Education Establishments

The Cubbyhouse Preschool and Long Day Care Centre : 
Offers:  Ages 0- 6, Mon - Fri 8.00 am - 6.00 pm, Long Day Care, Before School, After School
Address:  1316 Gloucester Road,  Wingham, NSW 2429 
Tel:  +(61) 2  6553 0111
Fax:  +(61) 2  6553 0999 
Cuddlepie Early Childhood Learning Centre :
Offers:  Long Day Care, Early Learning Programme
Address:  Queen Street, Wingham, NSW 2429
Contact:  Tony Pike
Tel: +(61) 2  6553 4062
Fax: +(61) 2  6553 0240
Flying Fox Mobile Pre-School
Offers:  MON-FRI 9.00am-3.00pm, Staff hours 8.00am-4.00pm We provide early educational and socialisation experiences to children(3-5 years)and families in rural, remote and isolated areas of the Manning.
Address:  9 Price Street, Wingham, NSW 2429
Contact:  Megan Saunders Po Box 222, Wingham, NSW 2429 
Tel:   +(61) 2  6553 4884 
Mob:  +(61) 4  2853 4884
Fax:  +(61) 2  6553 0483
Wingham & District Community Pre-school Kindergarten :
Offers:  8.15am to 3.15pm during school terms, ample designated off street parking, All staff use English, sign language and visual aids to enhance communication
Address:  9 Price Street, Wingham, NSW 2429
Contact:  Donna Harris Po Box 222, Wingham, NSW 2429
Tel:   +(61) 2  6553 4884
Wingham Early Childhood Centre :  
Address: 22 Isabella Street, Wingham, NSW 2429
Tel:   +(61) 2  6553 4933
Primary St Joseph's Catholic Primary School (pdf
Address:   Church Crescent, Wingham, NSW 2429
Tel:  +(61) 2  6553  4774 
Fax:  +(61) 2  6553  4218
Wingham Brush Public School
Address:  Isabella Street, Wingham, NSW 2429
Tel:  +(61) 2  6553 4443
Fax:  +(61) 2  6557 0322
Wingham Public School
Address: 157 Murray Road, Wingham, NSW 2429 
Tel:  +(61) 2  6553 4186
Fax:  +(61) 2  6557 0162
Secondary Wingham High School  
Address: 9 Rowley Street, Wingham NSW 2429
Tel:  +(61) 2  6553 5488
Fax:  +(61) 2  6557 0372
Tertiary  Universities TAFE Institutes
University of New South Wales Hunter
Australian Catholic University Illawarra
Charles Sturt University New England
Southern Cross Univerity North Coast
Macquarie University  Northern Sydney
The University of New England Riverina
The University of Newcastle South Western Sydney 
The University of Sydney Sydney Institute
University of Technology, Sydney Western Institute
University of Western Sydney Western Sydney
University of Wollongong.

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