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Why This site?

While researching for information about our home village we discovered that typing "wingham" into a search engine produces more than 1,000,000 results. Even using the phrase "wingham, kent, england" returns sites from far outside the UK.  
Although ssearch engines provide the means to filter unwanted data, not everyone is familiar with the techniques required. Even for those that are, finding specific information can take some time. 
This site is our attempt to categorise some of the information that we find interesting.


History of wingham.org

Wingham.org grew out of wingham.org.uk*. the original site was set up in 1999 to serve the people of  Wingham, Kent, in England and to  promote its businesses, clubs and societies.
Reaction was mixed.
Despite being offered FREE world wide advertising, most local companies were not interested.  Perhaps it was a tad too early for most of them to realise the potential as they now have their own (paid for) websites. 
It was interesting that when the site had been going for a couple of years, everyone DEMANDED to be on it as if it was a god given right. 
Fortunately there were a few who had he foresight to offer encouragement and request assistance setting up their own web presence.
Our early searches were an adventure of discovery and it was clear that Wingham was more than just a village in Kent. 
It was time to drop the .uk
http://wingham.org.uk is now under new management and continues to serve the village. 
We also provide information that appeared on the original site, but have expanded to include global use of the name.


wingham.org today

The pages contain information on places people, businesses etc. and links to sites related to the name Wingham.
External links are checked for offensive content, but responsibility is not accepted for pages reached from the links that they contain.  
Wingham.org is a hobby site. If some pages appear incomplete or muddled please return later. Updates, additions and general maintainance takes place as and when time allows. 
Wingham Forum
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If anyone is interested in sponsoring us to pay for the forum hosting, not only will any possibly offensive advertisements be removed, but we will also be able place our own.